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We’ve been concentrating on new material for a while now, but now that the bulk of the writing is complete, we’re stoked to announce that Nightlord will be playing as special guests to ANNIHILATOR alongside Swedish Thrashers THE GENERALS at the Islington Academy on Sunday 13th October. Buy your tickets online in the NIGHTLORD SHOP with no extortionate booking fee!

Thanks to everyone who made last night such a special night. Thanks especially to Hysterica, Stuka Squadron and Designs of Chaos for not only making the night a success but also for doing it in proper old school Metal style, upholding the values of Metal the way it should be done. It was indeed a night of honour, unity, brotherhood (or sisterhood in Hysterica’s case) and valour. Long may they reign!!!

“If Fallen Fate were a swish, shiny Ikea flatpack then Nightlord were an oak sideboard”… er… thanks, Dave… I think… !

Fresh from their support slots with classic Thrash Metal bands ONSLAUGHT and SEPULTURA, Nightlord are playing their own headline show at the Underworld in Camden on the 19th November. Support comes from Swedish all-girl band HYSTERICA, mad Nazi vampires STUKA SQUADRON, and brutal old-school Thrashers DESIGNS OF CHAOS, so a full evening of entertainment is guaranteed! Buy your tickets online in the SHOP page with no extortionate booking fee!

Nightlord are proud to announce that we have been invited to join Classic Thrash Metal band ONSLAUGHT on 23rd September 2011 at The Relentless Garage in Islington, alongside GAMA BOMB and FALLEN FATE. We have reserved 50 tickets for our fans, and you can now buy them online in the SHOP page with no extortionate booking fee! Grab them now while you still can!!!

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Some nice photos of the Sepultura show.

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