24th September 2011
Fresh from their support slots with classic Thrash Metal bands ONSLAUGHT and SEPULTURA, Nightlord are playing their own headline show at the Underworld in Camden on the 19th November. Support comes from Swedish all-girl band HYSTERICA, mad Nazi vampires STUKA SQUADRON, and brutal old-school Thrashers DESIGNS OF CHAOS, so a full evening of entertainment is guaranteed! Buy your tickets online in the SHOP page with no extortionate booking fee!
10th September 2011
Nightlord are proud to announce that we have been invited to join Classic Thrash Metal band ONSLAUGHT on 23rd September 2011 at The Relentless Garage in Islington, alongside GAMA BOMB and FALLEN FATE. We have reserved 50 tickets for our fans, and you can now buy them online in the SHOP page with no extortionate booking fee! Grab them now while you still can!!!
2nd September 2011 Rock Matrix Newsletter

Some nice photos of the Sepultura show.

2nd September 2011 Lords Of Metal

"For fans of raw, old school thrash 'Cult Of The Moon' is warmly recommended." - thanks, guys!

16th August 2011 Clink Music Magazine Review of the Sepultura Show

"Eerie thrash harmonies reminiscent of the old days give Nightlord a familiar sound any metalhead can associate with" - thanks !!!

16th August 2011 Planet Loud Magazine Review

"Nice big hooks and well crafted songs" - thanks, guys!

11th August 2011 Metal Team UK Review

"...they make no pretences at being anything other than a thrash metal band, and it's something they do really well."

4th July 2011 O Globo Review of the Sepultura Show

"Good quality Metal.... I was impressed" - thanks !

4th July 2011 Cack Blabbath Magazine Review

"Effective, no messing about proto-thrash with plenty of energy and gusto"... thanks, guys !!!

4th July 2011 Brutalism Review - Approaching Thunder

"Nightlord certainly hold their own on stage and sound just as good in the studio."

4th July 2011 Brutalism Review - Approaching Thunder

"Throughout the album listeners will hear buzzing riffs and a mix of pedal and cymbal drum work; combined it can sound like bursts of fire."

3rd May 2011
Nightlord are proud to announce that we are billed to open for Sepultura on 30th June 2011 at Islington Academy. We have reserved 50 tickets for our fans, and you can now buy them online in the SHOP page with no extortionate booking fee! Grab them now while you still can!!!
1st May 2011 Mass Movement Magazine Review

"an interesting little time capsule from the seminal days of UK Thrash" - Thanks, Ian!

7th April 2011 Full Metal Racket

Nightlord featured on PrestonFM Right between Cavalera Conspiracy and Arch Enemy! RRROOOAAARRR!!!

30th March 2011 Metal Inc Magazine, Paris

In a shocking turn of events, it turns out that Metal Inc prefer the Approaching Thunder album to Cult Of The Moon. It just goes to show that it takes all sorts, eh! Thanks, guys !!!

19th March 2011 ConcreteWeb Review

Awesome and quite detailed review from Concreteweb, complete with a somewhat heroic effort to translate the band biography into English!!! Thanks guys !

19th March 2011 Klub Kronic's Playlists

Nightlord is featured this week in Klub Kronic's playlists

19th March 2011 Thrash Metal Catacombs

Nightlord gets a quick feature in the Thrash Metal Catacombs

19th March 2011 Ultimate THRASH Demos

Approaching Thunder made its way onto a list of Ultimate Thrash Demos - nice!

14th March 2011 Future Radio

Tune in to Future Radio at 10pm for Monday Metal Mayhem, where Jo will be featuring a bit of Nightlord tonight.

11th March 2011 Starship Overflow

Nice to see we've been played alongside Children Of Bodom and Cavalera Conspiracy - thanks guys !!!


Stonking Album review from MetalTeamUK. Nice to know that our 20-year old tunes seem to have stood the test of time!

1st February 2011 "Approaching Thunder" and "Cult Of The Moon" released

They're finally here! The full-length album version of "Approaching Thunder" featuring all 8 tracks from the 1990 session and "Cult Of The Moon" which we started recording in 1993 and put the finishing touches to late last year, also featuring 6 bonus live tracks from 1992. Available now in all good record stores (emphasis on GOOD !!!) plus all the usual suspects: Amazon, iTunes, or direct from www.coprodirect.com


Great review of the gig - thanks guys - we enjoyed it too!

13th December 2010 I think the others have said it all already, but thanks to everyone for making last night's Nightlord show truly a night to remember!

4th December 2010 MySpace Web Site redesigned

New Nightlord MySpace is just up with the 2 new tracks just completed