Nightlord – Cult Of The Moon (1993/2010)


Nightlord's second album showcasing greatly matured songwriting by contrast to the 1990 thrashingly raw debut “Approaching Thunder”.

Dark Night Dance
Twisted Out of Mind
What Have I Done?
Cult of the Moon
Practice Makes Perfect
Reign (live)
The Final Book (live)
Twisted Out of Mind (live)
What Have I Done (live)
Practice Makes Perfect (live)
Holy Inquisition (live)

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Cult Of The Moon was literally 17 years in the making. Comprising Drums and Rhythm Guitar from 1993, and Bass, Vocals and Lead Guitar from 2010, this
release probably even breaks any previously held record for the “Album in Longest-Ever Production” award!

“Cult Of The Moon” features four songs from the 1993/2010 session, “Dark Night Dance”, “Twisted Out Of Mind”, “What Have I Done?” and “Cult Of The moon”, plus one song “Practice Makes Perfect” from a split 7″ session in 1992, and a live recording of 6 songs recorded early in 1992 at London's then-prestigious Walthamstow Royal Standard.

Says guitarist Ferenc Collins, “I have loads of old mixing desk tapes but the quality was never that good. But then I found this amazing quality old live recording that was just recorded on a four-track. Unfortunately the tape hasn't survived the last 18 years too well, but through the tape drop-out, you can hear such amazing passion and energy in those old songs that I figured it'd be a nice treat for all those old fans that want to remember how Nightlord sounded live then as a sort of 'Time Capsule'.”

Indeed, the liner notes on the CD booklet sum it all up: “Recorded by Ferenc Collins and Doug Martin. Hardly produced – bum notes, tape drop-out, passion, feedback and raw energy left in!”

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